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The “Un-Vote”

I have one vote in this year’s presidential election. Just one. I have to make it count. I have been a registered voter since I turned 18 years old. I have been faithful to and supported one party all these … Continue reading

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james taylor–a legend in his own right

As a delayed 50th birthday celebration/gift, my daughters took me out last night to see James Taylor in concert (Charlotte NC). I can’t remember just how many times I’ve seen JT in concert altogether ( as many as I could … Continue reading

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got reform?

Thanks to Jim Buie and Ron M. for getting me in gear here:  Having so much faith in personal health care insurance is false security, especially when the insurance industry continues to narrow their gate of accessibility and drive up … Continue reading

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on the turntable

 Long Road Out of Eden, The Eagles, released November 2007 OK. I like it. Take away a couple of the songs and I would love. Most of the  two-disc, twenty-tune release does a pretty good job of taking me back to Hotel … Continue reading

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is everybody a little bit racist?

I visit Jim Buie’s blog just about every day, but this week my return visits have bumped up a notch or two. He’s got a couple of discussions going on about racism that are quite engaging: On Being a Black … Continue reading

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on the turntable

James Taylor, One Man Band , 2007 James Taylor doesn’t know it, but we’ve had a thing going for 35 + years. The very first LP I ever purchased was Sweet Baby James and ever since I haven’t been able to … Continue reading

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