The “Un-Vote”

I have one vote in this year’s presidential election.
Just one.
I have to make it count.

I have been a registered voter since I turned 18 years old. I have been faithful to and supported one party all these years; but I am frustrated. Very frustrated. And I think a large majority of other Americans are equally frustrated in this year’s presidential ticket, regardless of Democrat or GOP affiliation. I don’t believe either major party is doing an acceptable job of representing the folks that support them.

Further, I think a significant number of Americans are fed up with the burden of what to believe or who to trust.
I am.

I am fed up with the lack of integrity, questionable honesty, and personal/professional deportment in the two mainstream choices before me this year. Maybe the media is largely responsible for the ugliness; but, nevertheless, it is a sad day for Americans when casting a vote for a presidential candidate is done with heavy doubts.

Nine years ago I wrote a blog post entitled “Speaking Out” that voices: It is dispiriting to me as an American voter when those I truly want to respect just don’t get it. This year that sentiment is overwhelming; however, it isn’t just aimed at the opposing party. It’s aimed at my own registered affiliation as well.

Since the primaries back in May, I have been pretty nauseated just thinking about the voting dilemma come November. Choosing between two candidates that “just don’t get it” is not an option for me (at least in terms of the quality of leadership I expect for the greatest nation on planet earth).

There comes a point when political party pride is a real handicap and merely casting a vote for who you think will win bites you in the rear end. And many folks believe that not casting a vote for one is equal to giving it to the other (Trump Clinton; Clinton Trump). Not so. There is a third choice, at least in 39 states.

So, I am leaving the political mainstream (for at least this election). Why? Because I won’t allow my vote to represent less than what Americans deserve, need, and can respect. And right now, history in progress needs someone a lot stronger than who the Dems and GOP are offering. We  also don’t need a leader who brings additional burdens to the table… especially one with reckless attitudes and actions or even the slightest questionable level of honesty.

I have never considered the Libertarian Party before, but this come this Election Day in November, I plan to be first in line at the poll to cast my vote for Governors Gary Johnson and Bill Weld. I believe this leadership team “gets it“. I also consider it a pretty big step of courage to “un-vote” two-party leadership, Mr. Trump, and Mrs. Clinton, but my vote has to count for something—even if only accomplishes that as a single voter I expect more and I am not afraid to stand up for it.

I’m in.




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2 Responses to The “Un-Vote”

  1. jimbuie says:

    Dear Deb,

    Your decision is one I greatly respect. Johnson and Weld are informed, they have governing experience and a thoughtful philosophy. I would not be at all surprised to see a popular surge for them now.

    We are still living (and teaching) in the Middle East — UAE — but Alex, our youngest, will enter Elon University next week and Matthew now lives in Winston-Salem, with a wife and son (my grandson!) so we will probably be coming home more often, twice a year, and hope to see you in Asheville some time.


    Jim Buie

    • writemyline says:

      Hi Jim,
      It is good to hear from you, friend! I think of you so often…hope you are doing well and enjoying life in the UAE. (I still hope to see that place some day!) I try to follow your blog as often as I can – always so interesting. I especially enjoy your posts about the area where you are.
      It would be great to see you when you are traveling to NC. Stay in touch, friend!

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