a simple tree with glowing lights

a simple tree with glowing lights
shines here, my friends, this winter night
a symbol of a starlight glow
that breaks the dark, that lifts the soul
that stills in silence for a while
with wonder of the manger child
and brings to mind true light of love
from Heaven, Father, Spirit, Son

give voice to prayers: Christ’s peace to be
for all in plenty or in need;
for all the days that lie ahead
in grace be strengthened, healed, and fed;
for simple good to be the wealth
from which we share among ourselves;
for every hand to touch and hold
a warmth that breaks the winter cold

this simple tree with glowing lights
is what I have to give this night
with quiet wishes as my prayer
that all would come to know and share
and grasp forever light that shines
beyond the days of Christmastide

-D. Bridges


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