One step closer to home…

It’s been a very long time since I posted on my blog. It isn’t that I’ve forgotten about it or even abandoned it; and, indeed, my mind has continued to speak and write although those thoughts and words haven’t made it to the page.

I am trying to make a comeback.
It is a difficult process, and one that follows a whole litany of reasons explaining my absence (none of which are anywhere close to meaning anything to my readers – that is if I even have any readers left).

So, where have I been?
Mainly surviving. Trying to keep putting one foot in front of the other without falling off the tightrope for a couple of years. Trying to build a business to support myself, a business that seems to have taken over my time and energy but for which I am thankful for in more ways than one.

For the last few years my words and keyboarding have gone toward projects that keep food on my table and a roof over my head. My “WWW” writing has been related to wine and liquor, different kinds of equipment and professional services, retail and wholesale business, free health clinics, religious and other non-profit organizations – really just about any kind of WWW freelance work I’ve been lucky to get.

I think writing in what I call “WWW” style (especially marketing copy) definitely requires an economy of words. (Consider the average 5-10 seconds visitors view a web page.) When I remember how my words poured out 10 years ago and how they’ve continually and necessarily been downsized to fit my work…well, in all honesty, my creative mindset has been ripped to shreds. And not only that – my reading habits have also shifted more toward poetry and works that require short-term commitments. It is very difficult to pick up a novel in the bookstore that has more than 250 pages!

Tom Blackburn Books

Tom Blackburn Books

But recently a friend of mine published a new novel (in addition to three prior novels that I am ashamed to say I had not read). Needing a long mental massage, I downloaded the Kindle version of his books to read while I was on vacation for a couple of weeks. Page by page, I became inspired; not by just the story alone but by the author and his ability to balance his creative writing with simultaneous careers as a chemist, an accomplished musician, and a successful grants consultant. I realized just how much I missed writing without the WWW restraints.

Maybe it was the combined mental massage, vacation, and reading my friend’s novels that encouraged me to take a step closer to home, to try to go back to where I started a long time ago yet still move ahead through all the WWW work challenges. For now, I want to to reprocess a passion and reclaim at least a little of what once was the core of my writing skills. It’s going to be hard to find the balance between “work” stuff and a renewed passion that goes in the opposite direction. I’m hoping that my blog will act as mediator between the two worlds, at least on a personal level if not a professional one.

There are millions of blogs out there. However, there are only a few that I read and follow regularly, prolific blogs that continue to withstand my test of time and interest. (Thank you Jim Buie, Lady Sharon, and Trevis Gleason, and All Songs Considered). All four are well-written and very different in content, theme, and style. For me, these writers inspire me to take another step.

So please bear with me, friends. I’m probably going to have some awkward and inconsistent content, mainly because I’m not even sure what I’ll be writing about from post to post. But the goal is to just write…word by word…post by post… step by step…

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