remembering the fallen on memorial day and always…

This past Sunday, Mr. Reid C*****ss told me about several of his experiences as a pilot during WWII. In a few weeks, Mr. Reid will be 90 years old. His story, however, is ageless. For sure, it will be remembered by me for the rest of my life.

Mr. Reid flew missions all over Europe during his military career. He told me a story about how one of his pilot comrades went down on a plane during a mission that he (Mr. Reid) was initially intended to fly. With a choked voice, Mr. Reid talked about his comrade’s last radio transmission…

In another story, Mr. Reid showed me a photo of himself that had been taken the night before a dangerous mission into a region of heavy fire. His commander told him and his fellow soldiers letters to their mothers, wives, and sweethearts because it was very unlikely that they’d return from the mission. The “obituary” photo was taken to be sent to Mr. Reid’s hometown newspaper.

Each of Mr. Reid’s wartime recollections concluded with his humble gratitude for surviving WWII and being able to tell the story of his fallen comrades. He repeatedly commented that he didn’t know why God had allowed him to make it back home from the war when so many of his fellow pilots and soldiers did not…

Thank you, Mr. Reid. God bless.


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