a faithful messenger of peace

 Lady Sharon and I live on opposite sides of the continent. We’ve never met face to face, yet I believe I would know her in a crowd because over the past year or so she has become an icon in my spiritual world and her soul’s face is etched on my own soul. Either by chance or through Divine grace, we have met; and I believe I have recognized the mystery that brings together the peace that passes between us. Last year, I was knighted by Camelot’s Knights of the Pain Table. It was an honor and an humbling privilege to recieve the scroll and the statue bearing my name, Lady Debra. It was Lady Sharon who gave this gift to me and I will always remember that kindness.

Knights of the Pain Table fight invisible battles, sometimes in concert and sometimes alone. Lady Sharon is a centering force for so many and a messenger of hope.

Last night, I watched Michael J. Fox — The Incurable Optimist. I think he is definately a candidate for knighthood. Sir Michael reminds all of us that hope and a fresh perspective is a powerful sword in our personal battles.

Perhaps, another mighty sword is the power of community and companionship. Lady Sharon represents that in my Camelot. Although our physical battles may be different, the spiritual ones unite us; and I am grateful to have someone who’s got my back.

This poem came to me this morning via messenger of Camelot and fellow knight, Lady Sharon. 


MY soul, there is a country

Far beyond the stars,

Where stands a wingèd sentry

All skilful in the wars

There, above noise and danger,

Sweet Peace sits crown’d with smiles,

And One born in a manger

Commands the beauteous files.

He is thy gracious Friend,

And—O my soul, awake!—

Did in pure love descend

To die here for thy sake.

If thou canst get but thither,

There grows the flower of Peace,

The Rose that cannot wither,

Thy fortress, and thy ease.

Leave then thy foolish ranges

For none can thee secure

But One who never changes—

Thy God, thy life, thy cure.

Henry Vaughan. 1621–1695


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One Response to a faithful messenger of peace

  1. Lady Sharon says:

    My Gracious Friend,

    Thou hast a mighty heart Lady Debra. In your right hand you carry a sword of peace and grace. Your benevolent words touched deeply your friend’s soul.

    Riding alone with silent wounds can be a sad silence. But if we follow the tender leaves of hope, we enter a sacred land. There we may find a fellowship divine.

    Sir Michael J. Fox would be honored in Camelot. He is a brave warrior.

    Lady Debra, thou art a true Knight with courage weaved into your armour. I bow to you dear friend.

    My thankfulness covers many many leagues. Your words have given me heaven’s strength.

    Take care and to thy heart be true,

    Lady Sharon
    Your Fellow Knight

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