reconnecting with a dear pal

I got a nice surprise from an old pal via email yesterday. You know how it is when one of your favorite names pops up in the sender line of your email program? Well, yesterday I was so excited to see Lin’s name come into focus on my screen. It had been a very long time–almost a decade–since we were in touch.

Lin and I were the first shepherds of a sweet bunch of young choristers in the Highland Girls Choir. Actually, we were the co-directors; and when our fortes combined, it was molto espressivo et grazioso. I loved it. And our little 3rd-8th grade choir did some pretty amazing choral repertoire–none of which was “Disney” I’m proud to say.

But Lin took a job about 250 miles away and had to move. I missed him tremendously from the get-go, and HGC was never the same after he left. I kept the choir going until 2000 when I passed the baton to Dr. Gary Wright. That was a sad day too. Eventually Highland Girls Choir became Highland Children’s Choir. Now, I’m not sure if it is still there or not. But we did have a great run. For me, it was 10 years as a director.

Back to Lin…So when I read Lin’s name in the Outlook sender column I was ecstatic. He’d written me a long email summing up the years since we last talked. His kids (one now with kidos of his own) are all grown up, as are mine. He and his wife have had a few medical-related challenges but are hanging in there, just like I am with MS. He’s living in a totally different place now and working in a real nice Episcopal Church as choirmaster. He’s also writing some…meditations and spiritual reflections. I hope he’ll post some of his work here.

I haven’t written him back  yet because I probably need a good couple of hours to write what all I want to tell him. So much happens in between the hellos and goodbyes that it’s not a quick task to summarize or condense into a readable email epistle. However, this afternoon I’m going to try.

Until I do hit that send button: Lin, I’m here and thinking about you. And I’m so glad to hear from you!


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