grace and horoscopes

Taurus, 22 April 2009: It’s best not to tackle a tedious job or do any unnecessary traveling today. (Charlotte Observer)

Although I never put much stock in daily horoscopes, today held one of those “a-ha” moments that actually succeeded my daily ritual of reading obituaries and horoscopes at It happened about 2pm while I was on my way to the barn for my riding therapy/lesson: a 4-car crash that was almost a 5-car crash.

I don’t remember slamming on brakes, but I did and narrowly missed the mangled wreckage ahead at the intersection. I do remember seeing stuff flying everywhere, a car hood crumpling up like a piece of tin foil,  an airborne mini van, and hundreds of dollar bills flying about in the gusty wind. It took me about 15 seconds to call 911 and several hours to erase the crashing image from my present moment.

The emergency folks were on the scene right away. I had already checked on the people in the pile-up: 3 were ok, 2 were hurt, and 1 was pinned-in and looked seriously injured. I was helpless to do anything for them, but as soon as the emergency crew arrived  I started chasing dollar bills across an adjacent field. Soon, several other people were helping me grab what remained blowing in the wind. After finding out which car the money belonged to I talked with the state trooper who was investigating the accident. 

The scene was a nightmare of broken glass, odd pieces of car trim, puddles of anti-freeze, and scraps of airbags. Wet dollar bills littered the road. The flying nuggets of glass I watched in slow motion must have been laced with hundreds of coins because quarters were scattered all over the road along with the glass. It was surreal in a big way.

I’ve seen accidents like that immediately after they’ve happened, but in 51 years I’ve never witnessed an accident of that magnitude unfold right in front of me. This was a  strange phenomenon: everything happened so fast, yet it seemed in slow motion. Flying glass and coins and dollar bills rocketed up and out from the impact. The hood of one of the cars folded up just like an accordian as the mini van went airborne making a full roll in the air before landing upright in the opposite direction it had been heading. I have to believe it was the airbags and seat belts along with the grace of the Divine that prevented fatalities.

I believe everyone involved will be ok eventually. I also believe that the well of thankfulness got a lot deeper today for a handful of folks who might not be alive had the seconds and motions played out a little differently (myself included).

Things happen regardless of horoscope predictions; and it is rare when those star charts actually form the pattern of a day for me.  As for today’s horoscope, I am always at that particular place at that particular time every Wednesday. Still, it is interesting that if those 2 or 3 seconds spent reading my horoscope were cut out of everything I did before witnessing the accident, I might have been in the middle of the wreckage instead of on the fringes.

Tonight, I am mindful that God speaks to us in many languages of not only words, but in times and places and minuscule motions –and in whatever manner we will listen either consciously or unconsciously. That isn’t a horoscope. It’s the fullness of grace.


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