this comment deserves a headline

In response to “Fallen Hero”, this comes from Misty Bullard in Oklahoma:

Here’s to the ones we’ve loved and miss.
The ones we can’t put upon our list.
The ones who made our Christmas bright.
The ones we can’t tuck in that special night.
The ones we lost for unknown reasons.
There’s a memory in every season.
The ones that bring a Christmas tear.
That sometimes carries on through the year.
The ones who we can never replace.
That add those holiday smiles on our face.
The ones who gave their lives at war.
That make you wonder exactly, what for?
The ones who paid the highest price.
To help protect another’s life.
Christmas is a time for rejoicing and joy,
And so that you’ll know I miss my little boy,
This comes as a Christmas thought for him and the others.
This comes from all of the hurting mothers.
It’s supposed to get better as time goes by.
So how come Christmas always makes me cry?
I know that your in a better place,
So I cry with a smile upon my face.
Cause I know that in spirit, that your right here.
And the bible makes it so perfectly clear.
I will see you someday during all of the seasons.
And even though it hurts, you died for a reason.
The Christmas tears all come from me missing you,
And I know without a doubt you miss me too.
So rather than spend this holiday blue,
I sat down and wrote these thoughts for you.
I’ll rejoice what you were, and always will be.
And I’ll leave you a present under the tree.
Merry Christmas SON.
MMB “08”

Misty writes: “I am not a Mom of a fallen Hero of War, but of a fallen Hero of Duchenne’s Muscular Dystrophy, and while writing this poem I thought if all the Mom’s that are hurting this season, so I decided to share these thoughts with them as well.”


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One Response to this comment deserves a headline

  1. Swapna says:

    Hi Mysty,

    I have a five year old son diagnosed with DMD.
    The feelings of every mother with DMD child are reflected in your poem.


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