on the night table

You Just Never Know  

A story by Peggy Mattox Smith. 
Illustrated by Charles Watson.

Lulu Publishing, 2008

About a month ago, my dear friend Charles Watson emailed me: “Peggy Smith and I have been courting for 16 years come next week. Can I get a copy of her book in hardcover to give to her.” It was not a difficult task to accomplish since Peggy’s book had come out in paperback last year. I went to work, but sadly, I couldn’t get the book in the hands of the two sweethearts in time for their anniversary. However, hardcover edition of You Just Never Know arrived last week and is now available for sale (in hardcover) at Lulu Publishing.

You Just Never Know is a work of fiction based on real life. It tells the story of a woman’s journey within a circle of family and friends through the good times and the bad, and her eventual destination on the arm of a man with whom she finds adventure, comfort, and simple pleasures. It is a love story about many people–husband, children, family, friends, and–yes, a dear soulmate.

Charles (AKA “Showtime”) and Peggy collaborated on You Just Never Know. She wrote the story and he supplied the illustrations. I’m unsure of how long the sweethearts worked on the project before it came into my hands, but however long, it was surely a labor of love. Straightaway, it caught my attention with its mild articulation and polite demeanor (just like a true southern belle and a gentleman caller). On a deeper level, Peggy’s sweetly-written story and Charles’ charming pictures combine to symbolize the 16-year courtship they cherish so dearly.


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