Getting there via grassroots: One woman and the healthcare reform bandwagon

I learned about Kathie McClure and on Adam Searing’s blog, The Progressive Pulse. (Please visit Mr. Searing’s site and watch his interview with Kathie). She’s not a politician, but she’s taking an active role in making sure those in elected leadership positions get the real picture of American healthcare.  

Quote of the Week:
  Speaking of her patients at the Lincoln Community Health Center in Durham, NC, Dr. Evelyn Schmidt says “Most of our patients have been pretty much left out in the cold by the healthcare system. The only way we’re going to succeed as a nation is if we’re healthier and better educated – and I mean everybody has to be provided for.” promotes guaranteed affordable healthcare for all U.S. residents through citizen education and voter registration.  We educate citizens so they can be informed participants in the debate about our nation’s healthcare crisis.

(This post originally appeared on The State of NC Healthcare)


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