on the night table

The Night Offices

The Night Offices    

Prayers for the Hours      
from Sunset to Sunrise    
Phyllis Tickle      

Oxford University Press, 2006      

 The Night Offices, Prayers for the Hours from Sunset to Sunrise, is a lovely spiritual companion for peace-pilgrims,  faith-walkers, and  “night owls.” I found Phyllis Tickle’s presentation of the traditional Liturgy of the Hours to be peaceful company when I am restless and can’t quite settle down at the end of the day.



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2 Responses to on the night table

  1. Bosco Peters says:

    Thanks for this pointer.
    I will purchase a copy.
    Please visit http://www.liturgy.co.nz
    with its many resources around the Office.

  2. writemyline says:

    Dear Bosco,
    Thanks for your post. I visited your blog this morning and really enjoyed it. I also added your link to my blogroll.

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