ms awareness week





March 10-17 is MS AWARENESS WEEK.

Please visit the National Multiple Sclerosis Society website to learn more about MS and how it affects 400,000 Americans.


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2 Responses to ms awareness week

  1. Linda says:

    I have nothing but the most utmost respect and gratefulness for my M.S. specialist, who is a researcher. His vast knowledge combined with a caring soul has saved my life numerous times and allowed me to live the life that I do have in an extremely high quality manner.

    I have diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis for 19 yrs. My father died of complications caused of this this disease 33 yrs. ago. He lived with it for 8 yrs. How far research has come in helping those of us maintain the ability to continue to be contributing members of society.

    Your work, my dear researchers, is greatly appreciated, and will never be forgotten

  2. writemyline says:

    Thank you for your comment and for visiting my blog. I, too, have a fantastic doctor who is also one of the leading MS researchers in the US. I trust him with my life. I don’t know what I would do without him and his team.
    Those of us who live with MS know the fullness of grace and the vitality raised in the center of hope. I wish you well, my friend. I wish you hope and grace.

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