on the lonely night table

For the sufferers of post-Valentines Day empty mailbox syndrome, I highly recommend these two helpful books:

kissoff.jpg Kiss Off: Poems to Set You Free

 Elizabeth Ash Vélez and Mary D. Esselman, Warner Books, 2003

Publisher Comments: Who says you have to take life’s punches without fighting back? Whether you’re breaking up, breaking down, or just at the breaking point, Kiss Off will help you say goodbye to everything that’s holding you back and jump-start your life. From Andrew Marvell to Deborah Garrison, from Langston Hughes to Grace Paley, this liberating collection of poems and insightful commentary will inspire you to cut your losses, welcome renewal, and become the fabulous person you always knew you could be.

The Hell With Love: Poems to Mend a Broken Heart 

Esselman, Mary D. and Velez, Elizabeth Ash, Warner Books, 2002

heellove.jpg “If there was ever any doubt that love stinks, this expertly-selected trousseau of dirty laundry and broken trust…makes a strong case in the affirmative.”     Lucinda Rosenfeld 
“Whether you’re miserable or not, The Hell with Love doesn’t just fix your misery….From the first page you feel love again, just not the kind that kills you.”    Matt Klam


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