lady sharon of such grace, may the light shine on thy face

 a kind camelot for sufferers of chronic pain

hc_award_square.gifMy kind and gentle friend Lady Sharon has a lovely kingdom to visit. Her Camelot, I suspect, is divinely inspired because it welcomes its guests with much light and grace. I encourage you to read About The Knights of the Pain Table and faithfully visit Lady Sharon’s Camelot, especially if you need a refuge.


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Ride like a knight. Write like a warrior.
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One Response to lady sharon of such grace, may the light shine on thy face

  1. Lady Sharon says:

    This is a mery mornying for I have arrived in your Kingdom Writemyline.

    I beseech you to pardon this Knight for the delay in speaking words of gratitude to thee Lady Deb. In wordes few you have honoured my heart and my Kingdom. I thanketh you with mine hearte.

    Rather than sipping elixirs with Bacchus of late, this Knight before you had to turn towards a dark and winding path. The Dark Knyght threw out the gauntlet and I with “plena arma” rode on my barded destrier to meet his challenge. Using my pavis and poleaxe I did manage to take leave with honour, but alas my arrival was a trifle late to your Kingdom.

    Scrivener Deb, thou art a kind and faithful friend. You are always an honoured Knight of the Pain Table by the side of King Arthur. It is not the stones in the walls of Camelot that make it strong and noble. It is rather the spirits of those who live and visit in this mystical Kingdom with chivalry in their hearts, that have the power to heal with their kindness and love. I preye each Knight feels that Divine grace for suffering alone is the greatest suffering of all.

    You belong to a fellowship of Knights and we will always try to serve you truly.

    I humbly take leave,

    Lady Sharon

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