head over heels

I’m completely in head over heels with bodyflight. bluelogo.gif

Today was my 2nd time at Paraclete XP. It was fabulous, an even greater rush than the first time. Knowing what to expect ahead of time made a huge difference in today’s lesson. Also, my instructor, Earl, helped me out a lot by showing me a few things that I was actually able to manage once I got in the tunnel. I wasn’t turning flips, soaring in spirals, or anything like that, but I wasn’t slamming into the walls either. Altogether, I believe today was quite a success.

157-earl-david-jr.jpg← This is Earl, my very fine and incredibly talented instructor.

Earl introduced himself to me when I arrived at Paraclete and unlike last time, I was the only student so my tunnel time was basically a private lesson. I worked on the basic position (kind of a hover), turning right and left, and moving frontwards and backwards. I also did a pretty cool spin. One minute in the tunnel went by a lot faster than last time; and I was actually able to concentrate on what I was doing.

It’s pretty interesting to watch and learn from the Paraclete staff. The snap shot is a group of really young adrenaline junkies and extreme athletes who dive mindlessly straight into things I didn’t know was even possible for a human to experience. But the truer image is that these fellows are highly skilled and trained in their sport. Between the half dozen or so that were at Paraclete today, I’m pretty sure they add up to over 20,000 sky dives, not to mention all kinds of medals and distinctions in national and international competetions.

I’ll be flying back to Paraclete XP in a couple of weeks for another rush…


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2 Responses to head over heels

  1. Jim Buie says:

    This sounds really cool, and fun. Could I take my 10-year-old?

  2. writemyline says:

    Your 10-year would love it! And so would you. Hey, I’ll take you over if you like… (I’ll take along my digital camera and you’ll have some photos for your blog.)

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