will i go through with it?

Yesterday, a number of unexpected events and circumstances prompted me to do things that I normally wouldn’t have. It started with our church services being cancelled at the last minute due to heating problems. I was already at the church when the decision was made to cancel. Already about 1/3 of the way to Fayetteville, I decided rather quickly to drive on in to town, go to the bookstore/bistro, and plant myself in a comfortable armchair with a hot breve and the NYT.

That in itself wasn’t such a big deal. I’ve done that before, just not on a Sunday morning.

On the way to Fayetteville I noticed that the construction on a very tall, really odd looking, building was complete. As I passed, I saw a parking lot full of cars and a newly-constructed sign that read: INDOOR SKYDIVING.  All along I had suspected some kind of farm/grainery/silo sort of something going up since the new building stands on a rural stretch of Hwy 401. I was intrigued, but kept on driving by.

I enjoyed the bookstore and the breve. It was only 1:00–still early in the day for me, so I went to Best Buy to just look at external hard drives for my computer. Forty-five minutes and one convincing salesperson later, I walk out of the store with a 500GB drive. (So much for just looking.)

I figure it’s probably time for me to head home before I get into anymore trouble.

At 2:15, me and my Explorer top the hill before the big INDOOR SKYDIVING sign and the monster tower of a building. It’s still pretty early in the afternoon, I’m still intrigued by the sign and the tower, I see the parking lot still full of cars so I know the place is open…

it was only logical in the chain of unplanned and unexpected events that I stop to satisfy my curiosity. (My apologies to the driver who almost rear-ended my sudden, unsignaled right turn.)

The girl at the reception desk was very nice. I told her that I’d just stopped to see what the place was all about. After a short explanation, she sent me up an elevator to the top floor and an observation deck. Once there, I saw that it wasn’t really skydiving in the traditional sense, but actually an extreme sport called “bodyflight” or “vertical wind tunnel flying.” I watched for about an hour as a dozen or so folks (including two amazing siblings ages 8 &10) took one minute turns in the chamber. There were varying degrees of expertise among the flyers, but the one thing I noticed they all had in common was that they couldn’t wait to get in that tunnel.

Long story, short…

I have my first bodyflight lesson tomorrow. I already have butterflies in my middle just thinking about it.

To be continued.



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