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e1cd14.jpg Long Road Out of Eden, The Eagles, released November 2007

OK. I like it. Take away a couple of the songs and I would love. Most of the  two-disc, twenty-tune release does a pretty good job of taking me back to Hotel California; but a couple of the songs definately take a detour away from my comfortable expectations.

What strikes me most and right away is the fine duo of Glenn Frey and Don Henley – two rockers approaching 60 who still have it. I always did like these two together. It’s good to hear Joe Walsh again too. Frey is definately the more lyrical songwriter. Henley’s work, on the other hand, lacks the unifying elements that make the band come together in a single voice. Perhaps, it is the political tone that just doesn’t wash. (No one want to be continuously beaten by repeated themes. At least, I don’t.) 

Altogether, the Eagles’ have landed back home again with a Long Road to Eden. I’ll be listening and waiting for more…


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