twelve days…this is tc (too cool)

Happy holidays, friends…


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4 Responses to twelve days…this is tc (too cool)

  1. Lady Sharon says:

    Christmas Tidings,

    I have never had the pleasure to see this version and found it really cute. Great fun talented group and surprises in the medley.

    I don’t think the Muppets could keep up with these guys!

    Wishing you a beautiful holiday season filled with peace and love.

    Lady Sharon, your friend in Camelot

  2. Lin says:

    Waldo, typing furiously in his bath, looked up long enough, to ask, How many five year-olds can YOU take on for the holidays?

    Check here to find out:

  3. writemyline says:

    Dearest Lady Sharon,
    Thank you for visiting me.
    I wish you all the best for a blessed Christmas in Camelot.

  4. writemyline says:

    Tell Waldo that I can take on 9. How about you?

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