profile of an FBer….

I’ve succumbed.

My friend Jim Buie presents a interesting argument for those of us debating whether or not to ride Facebook. He’s the one who got me on board, and now…

I’m hooked.

Along with my blog, FB has turned out to be my e-crack. I’ve added applications and joined groups, and I’ve explored just about every corner, nook, and cranny there is to see, read, and do.

I’ve got friends.

13. But I hope that number grows as I plug along. Of the 13, only 2 fit the standard FB profile–that is, they have a .edu attached. And one of those .edu “friends” is actually my own daughter, which I think is very cool and quite informative, parentally speaking. The rest of us are what one might categorize as mature: over 40, over 50, over 60, etc. We are writers, teachers, musicians, psychologists, businesspersons, retirees, etc.

I’m profiled.

My profile includes photos, a virtual bookshelf, an art gallery, a poet’s corner, notes and feeds, and a bumper sticker. My friends can scribble short notes on my wall or send me an email. My profile spills my enthusiam for the Carolina Hurricanes as well as displaying my formulated color (which is currently yellow). I have an application called in which I post my interests in healthcare reform and a project aimed at finding a cure for MS. Altogether, my FB profile is pretty mature, I think, but hip enough that..

You wouldn’t believe this FBer is a granny.

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2 Responses to profile of an FBer….

  1. Jim Buie says:

    Glad you’re enjoying the “crack” I introduced you to. It seems other “geezers” are also learning the highs of Facebook, or at least that it’s a useful utility. I’ve been amazed by how quickly some Facebook groups can grow. I started a network for the NC NAACP that leaped to 40 members in the first 24 hours, though I did almost nothing to promote it. Facebook is giving new meaning to “viral marketing.”

  2. writemyline says:

    Thanks, Jim. I’ve met some fine folks in both blogging and through FB, including you (and Ron, too).
    FB is a kind of cyber country club as well as a networking tool. And I really appreciate that the information is controlled. My FB profile is just mostly fun right now, but my goal is to develop a professional network. Global would be nice, but I think that will take some time. I like your profile a lot, and your friends are quite interesting.
    BTW, I like the new look on your blog.
    Have a sweet day.

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