stupid things

Yesterday, the pastor at Montpelier offered this in her sermon:

A young man had just bought himself a brand new SUV, fully loaded with all the bells and whistles. And he was very proud of it, offering rides and excursions to friends and others including his faithful labrador retriever. He and the lab took the new ride over to a friend’s house one morning and the two men decided to go duck hunting at a local lake.

The lake was frozen solid so the men decided that it made sense to just drive the SUV out on the lake to a spot where the ducks were most likely to be. Getting there, the men and dog waited for the ducks, but nothing. The two men decided that the ducks must not be settling in their spot because of  not having anywhere to land in a place that was not frozen. The only option they could come up with was to break up the ice and make a clearing that would tempt the fowl to fly over where they were.

But the ice was very hard and solid. The men were about to quit when the owner of the SUV remembered he had a very small stick of dynamite with a long fuse in his vehicle. He figured they could light the fuse and throw the explosive into the spot that needed clearing and have time to run back to where he had parked the SUV.

The fuse was lit and the stick of dynamite was thrown high and far. It landed on the ice just where the men wanted and they began to run back towards the new SUV.

The dog, however, did what he was trained to do, which was to happily retrieve for his master. So he ran towards the long-fused stick of dynamite, picked it up off the frozen lake, and began to run back toward his master.

When the two men saw the dog running towards them, they became more than a little excited.  Having a knee-jerk reaction, they fired their rifles over the dog’s head hoping to scare him into dropping the dynamite.

The dog, however, did not drop his catch. Instead he ran hard and fast straight under the SUV to hide. But when he reached the underside of the car his tail caught the hot exhaust pipe. He let out a yelp, dropping the dynamite, and proceeded to run again toward the shore.

He escaped just as the fuse ran out. The dog and the two men were not injured; but the brand new, fully-loaded, luxury SUV came to rest in pieces at the bottom of the shattered lake.

The insurance company denied the man’s claim because losses due to illegal explosives were not covered under the policy.

Sometimes, people do really stupid things.


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