home again, home again, jig-a-dee-jog

It was another week on the road, but now I’m home. Here’s the scoop:

I had a wonderful time at Chowan University with Tom and Kate Blackburn (from Washington DC). We performed Two Songs for Voice, Cello, and Piano at the music department’s “New Music Day” concert. I also enjoyed meeting and getting to know Dr. Jim Guthrie. He’s on the faculty at Chowan and is a really nice guy and a great composer. I don’t have too many days and events where I get to make new friends, spend time with old friends, and make music all at the same time. It was great–just too short!

On to Durham to rest and spend time with my mom, sister, brother-in-law, and sweet punkin nephew who’s turning two years old this week. In case you are wondering how I actually rested around a 2-year old, let me tell you that it wasn’t so difficult. Sweet punkin keeps me so busy that when I do take a nap or go to bed at night, I sleep like a old rock. Other than the security system alarm going off at 6:00am one morning, I don’t think I moved an inch while sleeping. The visit ended with a birthday party full of other little punkins and  their parents, including my own little grandpunkin, daughter, and son-in-law. How perfect is that?

Then on to Fearrington where I had a great dinner with Jim Buie, his family, and a group of friends. Wonderful food and fellowship including an impromtu caberet that captured the spirit of the evening–everything from Patsy Cline’s Crazy to a rousing finale/benediction of Amazing Grace. It was difficult to get myself in the car after that fun performance and make the drive on home alone.

To cap it all off, my two poochie hounds greeted me with great big slobbery kisses. AND much to my delight, some angel came to my house while I was away and cleaned my garage! Thank you, whoever you are.

This Thanksgiving week I’ll be home. No traveling except to the barn to ride old Rowan and Max. I’m thankful to have an empty calendar for a week. I plan to knit and read and think back on the events of this past week and the all people who surround me with grace and goodness.

Happy Thanksgiving to all.



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  1. Jacqueline says:

    Happy Thanksgiving!

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