home from grannyland

I made it back to the sandhills in segments this week: Grannyland to Charlotte; then Charlotte to home. Other than being miserable without my little grandprince, I am feeling much better. My dogs were happy to see me, I think; except while I was gone Dauber figured out the electric fence is a fake and apparently did some traveling himself. He knows he’s busted.

I’ve got a lot of catching up to do with work and house and etc, but most can be put off without guilt. I’m taking advantage of it. My packed suitcase is still in the kitchen along with my sack of books and papers, my laptop, and a new pair of shoes (still in the box)–maybe tomorrow I will at least move the pile upstairs and out of sight. 

I am looking forward to meeting Tom and Kate Blackburn (SAPC) at Chowan University for a concert performance next week. It’s been a while since I performed publicly, except for church. (Unless you count John Entzi’s effortless coaxing me to play a few charts with his jazz band at UNCA last week.) I’ve practiced a little this week and I am wondering–what happened to my chops????

A note of thanks to Lin. It was nice to hear from you and Waldo.

Also -thanks to everyone for all the well wishes, thoughts, and prayers.



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