today, i…

Today, I posted a piece on Jim Buie’s Blog regarding Libertarian individualism v. communitarian caring.  (I really enjoy Jim’s blog.) Yesterday, I posted a short article on The Southern Chalice about organic wines. It’s been a purposefully slow week. I’m up in the goregeous orangeyellowred-colored mountains of NC recovering from the funk of that nasty MS exacerbation. 

1st-birthday.jpg   I’m getting a lot of good lovin’ from this little guy–my little prince. He’s the face on my heart and the sparkle in my spirit.  The little prince and I are doing a lot of reading and playing and napping together. It is good medicine. Grannyland is one of those “thin places” where the membrane between heaven and earth is effortlessly penetrated. Although I’m extremely content to stay here for as long as the mountains and my family will have me, I know I’ve got work and two poochie-hounds to get back to eventually. But I’m not going to think about that today. Today, my only ambition is to poke my head and body on through the thin membrane and enjoy the moment.

Thanks to all for the prayers and get well wishes. Stay in touch!    1st-birthday-2.jpg


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