Dear Action Alert Team: Equitable coverage for mental illness, HB 973, passed the full House by a vote of 116-1 and will likely be heard in the Senate Health Committee on Wednesday, June 20 at 11 am.    This legislation, introduced by Reps.  Alexander, Holliman, Wainwright and Insko, would end discrimination in health coverage for mental illness.  Currently, mental health care is subjected to higher deductibles, co-payments and limits.  Mental illness should not be treated differently than physical illnesses. Take Action Now and ask your Senator to support HB 973 as it passed the House with the exception of removing the amendment to covering only companies of more than 25 employees. Another possible amendment that you should ask your Senator to oppose is the limiting of mental illnesses.  Insurance providers should not differentiate among mental health diagnoses.  It is important that members of the Senate hear from constituents on thisissue.  Please contact you North Carolina Senator now. We have made it easy for you to email your Senator by going to the National MS Society website  and click on “Take Action Now” buttons.   Thank you for being an MS Activist! Abby Carter Emanuelson, Director of Public Policy


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