the girl in syria, iii

Hey dad and Mommer–

Just wanted to let you know that we arrived safely in Damascus earlier this evening.  It’s a lovely city, and I can’t wait to explore all of it tomorrow.  We saw a spectacular crusader castle earlier today on the way–everything still pretty much in tact.  It was amazing!  We also got to catch the Umayyad Mosque in Damascus right when we got here, just at twilight–it’s beautiful.  I’ll tell you more about it later, but right now I’m exhausted and can’t think very straight.  Say a prayer for me, if you don’t mind–the stares and comments are starting to get to me, and I’ve been getting a little frustrated lately.  Syria is no Dubai–and people look at western women a lot differently here.  Anyway, I’m still having loads of fun and am learning a lot, and my Arabic is improving a lot.  And I think Damascus will give me a little reprieve, as it’s more cosmopolitan and open. 

Also, I just wanted to reassure you both how much I appreciate everything you’ve done to help me get here.  I want you to know how seriously I’m taking the sacrifices you’ve made, and how I intend to repay you as soon as I can.  being here has really opened my eyes to how easy my life has been and how I’ve never ever been in any want or need.  You’re amazing.  I love you.

Ok I better go before I start to get too homesick and/or cry!  We’re staying in Damascus for 2 more nights.  More to come…




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