the girl in istanbul, ii

Were leaving tonight for Selçuk–were taking the night bus so well get
there i?n the morning.  Things so far have been absolutely fantastic,
although i got sick yesterday.  ?im all better now though and ready to
roll!  Sorry ? havent been writing a lot so far–weve just been really
really busy, and internet is always being fought-over in the hostel!
One quick story though:  we found our way to the Seat of the Patriarch
of the Orthodox Church–its St Georges Church i?n the old Christian
and Jewish quarter of the city.  ?ts an absolutely glittering
church–awash with golden icons of the most ethereal glow.  more about
that later.  the point of the story is that we happened to have come
right when a big group of Greek pilgrims had come, and so the
Patriarch h?mself came out and greeted everyone (includ?ng us) and
blessed us!!!  He even gave us a gold orthodox cross.  Perfect
timing…or divine intervention…  Ok,  Love you both, more to come
later, I prom?se!!!!  

Hugs, Meagan


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