the girl in istanbul, iii

Mommer hiyati–

? just wanted to write and wish you a happy Birthday and Mothers Day.  I wish ? could be there to celebrate with you.  We made it to Selçuk ok this morn?ng (the night bus was quite an experience…) and have been exploring the ancient ruined Graeco-Roman town Ephesus all day.  Weve gotten to see some pretty spectacular ruins–all from waaaaaay back to the 1st century, and some even before then!  We also got to see the site where St Mary came w John to l?ve out the rest of her days; they rebuilt a little house on the spot where they think she lived.  ?t’s now a huge pilgrimage site for both Muslims and Christians.  I said a special prayer for you:)  There is also a really old church, probably the very first bas?ll?ca, that was built in her honor.  ?t got destroyed by an earthquake shortly thereafter.  It was rebuilt by the Third Ecumenical Council in 432 AD–that’s how old it is!!!  We also got to see where St. John ?s buried and the ruins of the basilica that was erected by Emperor Just?n?an (5th century) after his own martyrium eventually decayed.  Can you believe all this history?  ? am bewildered and humbled by all the generations of faithful who have traversed these hills.  To think that ? might have walked the same paths Mary walked, that ? m?ght have gazed at the same horizon John saw as he was contemplating the writing of his gospel…

?ts really hard for me to type on the keyboards here so Im going to have to cut it short.  Our next stop is Konia–a major Sufi stronghold and the site of Rumi’s burial–and then on to Cappadoc?a.  Cant wait to tell you all about it!  LOXOXOXOXOVE YOU!!!!!

Love, LO


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