Goodbye, Old Friend

An old friend is moving on to greener pastures. While I am very sad that he won’t be around any longer, I am sure that I’ll never forget him–Diamond, the horse that got me back in the saddle after I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS).

Diamond will be put down in the morning. He’s old (at least 30 years) and he’s tired of suffering from a lot from things that just can’t be fixed anymore. Diamond retired from the therapeutic riding program at St. Andrews Presbyterian College in 2006.  He was “my horse” for five years. He’ll be “my big buddy” forever.

Tonight, I went to the barn with a pocketful of carrots and peppermints and two big gala apples. Diamond was in his stall–a bit shaky and weak, but still able to eat from my hand and respond to my voice. I rubbed his neck and shoulders, whispered a few words to him, and gave him a kiss on the forehead. He was sweet. He was peaceful. And I’m sure he understood the tears I was trying not to cry. 

Tomorrow–the first day of spring–, my old friend will be in a new pasture where he’ll run like a champion with the wind at his back, with luscious green beneath his feet and perfect blue above his head. It will be a pasture like the one described in Psalm 23.

Goodbye, old friend. Godspeed.


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