lent, kfc, and the pope

OK. I’ve heard it all now. And my response ain’t too pretty about the Colonel’s recent request for a papal blessing on KFC’s Fish Snacker Sandwich. What motivates KFC toward this seemingly pious request? Sincere spiritual practice? (No). Concern for the fasting and sacrificing Christian community? (No, again). Ministry to the snack-imparied religious population? (What?)

The way I see it is like this: It screams cheap opportunistic scam.

Honestly, someone needs to advise KFC that we don’t live in the Dark Ages anymore and, moreover, we aren’t likely to buy a fried papal-blessed fish snack as a Friday act of devotion any more than we are likely to buy indulgences like pre-Reformation peasants. As a Christian myself, I find KFC’s request grounds for my own personal and indefinate boycott of their establishment. On the other hand, if KFC had just left the Vatican out of it and promoted the fish snacker as a Friday special, I’d probably stop in and buy one for myself tomorrow.

KFC might want me to believe they are ministering to me by providing a sacred alternative to my lust for fried chicken in their fish snacker; but for heaven’s sake, if I’m going to compromise my spiritual practice by going to KFC, then I might as well eat whatever I want when I get there.   

Will Pope Benedict  XVI bless the sandwich? Paaah-leeeese!

If he does, does that mean he’ll also bless Cadbury Creme-filled Eggs (bock-bock), Paas Easter Egg Kits, and the traditional chocolate bunny if requested? Does anyone else see the irony here?


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